Den Nørrejyske Ø’s Stororkester for Opløst Mønstermusik (The Grand Orchestra for Disassembled Pattern Music of The North Jutlandic Island). A 4 x LP box-set released in september 2009.

The four lp records in the box consist of approximately 400 colourful interlocking sound bricks. These bricks are made up of musical parts, pieces, repetitions and textures, cut onto the records as parallel tracks, locked grooves and sound snippets. All bricks are part of universal system based on improvisatised interpretations of a graphical time pattern score. Despite variation in the design and purpose of the individual sound brick they can all be put together and connected to compose an endless variety of musical outputs. Anything constructed can then be taken apart again, and used to make new outputs. In other words, the material in the box is an invitation and an encouragement to take part in creating new music. At this site you can upload compositions made with the material from this box set.

The 4 x LP box-set release was made by:

All recordings in the box set are made from a graphical time pattern master score written and conducted by Michael Mørkholt and Anders Lauge Meldgaard. Recorded and produced by Anders Lauge Meldgaard and Michael Mørkholt in Copenhagen, Denmark, January 2009.